Tech and Revolution meeting in NYC, Nov 2017

Please join myself, Radical Action Design, Progressive Technology Project, May First / People Link and other progressive and social justice movement technologists for a special Technology and Revolution mini-convergence, the 20th convergence of this kind this year, at ThoughtWorks – Monday, November 13 from 6- 9 pm in NYC. Tools have an important role in our movement – and our role as… Continue reading Tech and Revolution meeting in NYC, Nov 2017

Femme Hacking

Femme hacking, n.: to use tacit knowledge of deprivileged structures [femme science] to apply roundabout methodologies of tool-using [hacking] in order to achieve an outcome. Having emerged from academia, I’ve thought a lot about the ways in which knowledge is articulated, permissioned, and authenticated: e.g., one must clearly express a defensible statement; problematized as: how do you know… Continue reading Femme Hacking

Liberation approaches to Technology: Interview

The fantastic author, librarian and activist Melissa Morrone [@InfAgit] interviewed me to discuss technology, feminism, decentralized networks of power, and liberation-focused approaches to teaching. quality content Read the whole interview here: A few choice quotes: MM: can you talk more about that in your approach towards technology and intimidation? HD: This plays into both… Continue reading Liberation approaches to Technology: Interview

Delicious Coffee In a Raised Fist

Catalog items: Expresso La Forza label | New Harvest Coffee logo | Baristas Rise Up Today we’re going to talk about my favorite thing in the morning, afternoon, and early evening: coffee. Even though I feel complicated about the use of raised fists for logos, I accept all things about coffee. It’s GREAT there are other hyper… Continue reading Delicious Coffee In a Raised Fist

Political Art Lectures for 2014

I’m writing to share resources for teachers looking for a NYC-based field trips for classes on art/politics/sociology/archives, etc: INTERFERENCE ARCHIVE ON-SITE TOURS I recently began an appointment as the Resident Scholar at the Interference Archive [], a public archive of political art ephemera in Brooklyn. See a NY Times article on us here. We offer… Continue reading Political Art Lectures for 2014

Political art and Examining an Archive

Nov 7 class visit

Reprinted from The Interference Archive, What makes art activist? What makes it political? Does who is using it matter? The Interference Archive is uniquely situated as both a living collection of activist cultures and ideas, and a site of popular education and engagement with these ideas. One way we integrate these facets is by… Continue reading Political art and Examining an Archive

My ### Is A Muscle The Size of Your Fist

My Cunt Is A Muscle… is based on the wonderful Your Heart Is a Muscle 1999 woodcut by Dalia Sapon-Shevin, then a member of the Syracuse Cultural Workers, it was made as an inspiration to activists and a response to the state repression experienced during the World Trade Organization protests in Seattle in 1999. Dalia’s… Continue reading My ### Is A Muscle The Size of Your Fist

Tactical Media and Disturbance Art

Twitter Fist

“The shift in revolutionary investments corresponds with a shift in the nature of power, which has removed itself from the streets and become nomadic.” — Critical Art Ensemble artist-tacticians, Qud in Rita Raley’s Tactical Media. Tactical Media Enter tactical media, a resistant form of cultural production that uses networked intelligence and digital forms to create… Continue reading Tactical Media and Disturbance Art

Hierarchical Power, Invisible Users

IWW poster, 1914 "The Pyramid of Capitalism"

“Envisaging an art without artwork, without authorship, and without spectatorship has an immediate consequence: art ceases to be visible as such.” – Steven Wright Part of the confusion between high art, activist art and participatory art and vernacular forms of politicized cultural works lies in determining where resistance emerges from, and against what. Perhaps, as… Continue reading Hierarchical Power, Invisible Users