Femme Postcards, 2013-2014

Celebrating the sibling relationship of queer femmes and art fags: And a little something for the femme-for-femme crew:

My ### Is A Muscle The Size of Your Fist

My Cunt Is A Muscle… is based on the wonderful Your Heart Is a Muscle 1999 woodcut by Dalia Sapon-Shevin, then a member of the Syracuse Cultural Workers, it was made as an inspiration to activists and a response to the state repression experienced during the World Trade Organization protests in Seattle in 1999. Dalia’s… Continue reading My ### Is A Muscle The Size of Your Fist

Fashion Embroidery: 2002-2004

Femme Power Hat, 2005 [image forthcoming] Wrist Cuffs, 2004               Flaming Jacket, 2003                                 Semen/Flower, 2002