Hello intrepid internet visitor! I started this site as a blog in 2012, as a queer femme lady technologist, aka FemmeTech, aka Hadassah Damien. Now, we have femtech as an innovation and product category and both culture and communication tools have expanded in many other ways – great! Welcome all.

If you’re here to learn about me, read my tech how-tos, talks, and case studies here, check out a portfolio of projects I’ve done, or pick a link below for my newer writing on design, speculative fiction, and the future of work.

Who I work with

Organizations that have customers/client experiences front of mind.

Via my strategy firm Staircase Strategy, these are some of my clients in the last few years, mostly small-to-mid size organizations looking to create programs which apply research, use remote team best practices, and complete strategic initiatives:

I also work on finances with individuals, business revenue models with small businesses, and money-related agreements and decisions with smaller organizations/collectives, with Ride Free Fearless Money.

How I work

I am a multi-method strategist: I lead teams, people, and projects through uncertainty towards the value that matters to them.

I’ve worked as a full stack developer, a data director, a UX research strategist, and now mostly as a facilitator and coach. Oh, and I curated and toured art around the US for years, which gave me the best of my skills: humility, flexibility, inclusivity, and humor.

I frequently have several roles at once, and I like that: I bring the best of what I am learning and grow exponentially that way. I contain multitudes, as Whitman said.