My ### Is A Muscle The Size of Your Fist

My Cunt Is A Muscle… is based on the wonderful Your Heart Is a Muscle 1999 woodcut by Dalia Sapon-Shevin, then a member of the Syracuse Cultural Workers, it was made as an inspiration to activists and a response to the state repression experienced during the World Trade Organization protests in Seattle in 1999. Dalia’s image has been reproduced and re-versioned widely across multiple activist communities in prints, patches, and more. I find it simple and therefore powerful, and wanted to pay homage while also adding a queer, and for me, a dyke element. Download a PDF here: [print pdf]

My Cunt Is A Muscle The Size of Your Fist, Damien Luxe 2013

Your fist may be the size of your heart, and it’s also the same size as your uterus [for those of us who have ’em]. Fists can fit in any of the holes–cunts and otherwise–that we fuck with. In the words of artist and AIDS activist David WojnarowiczEvery Time We Fuck, We Win.

I feel that in all the ways I fight and work and celebrate being able to fuck any and all the fists I’d like, and I feel it in the queer history of all our bodies getting the pleasure and love we deserve and want — and so I believe that statement intensely, and I adore fisting. I feel that I’ve survived in my body when I’m fisted/fisting, and this act of choosing and intensity has healed and shaped [ha!] me. It’s been with me as long as I’ve been practicing BDSM [12 years] and for all the bodies and cunts and holes and asses and fists I’ve thrown and caught, this is a love letter.

My Cunt Is A Muscle is set in Blue Highway Linocut, produced in InDesign. The cunt is from Wikipedia Commons, and the fist is from an image taken by Shaun Slifer from the Interference Archive’s collection of raised fists. To encourage sharing, My Cunt Is A Muscle is copyleft with a Creative Commons NC-BY-SA [attribute, share under the same copyleft license, for noncommercial purposes].

Enjoy. Fist. Win.

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