Providence, RI Events 7/7-7/8: KEEP QUEERING, KEEP FIGHTING!

Keep Queering, Keep Fightin! Poster by Olivia H.

Weekend events July 7-8, 2012 For more info:

Keep Queering, Keep Fightin! Poster by Olivia H.
Resisting Racism Workshop: Queer Liberation is Collective Liberation
Saturday July 7, 1:30-5:30pm
Workshop starts at 1:30 sharp, please arrive 15 minutes early.
$5-20 sliding scale

How do dismantling the gender binary and resisting racism relate to uprooting classism and disability justice? In this workshop, we will explore the intersections of identity andliberation.  By placing LGBTQ issues and gender justice at the center, we will discuss howqueer liberation is tied up in all liberation — using a strong Anti-Oppression lens, this participatory education style workshop will give participants a safe place to discuss power and privilege, reflect on the organizing and conditions of their communities and leave with concrete action steps to challenge and change the conversations and conditions in Providence.

Co-facilitated by Jenna Peters-Golden [AORTA: the Anti Oppression Resource and Training Alliance] and Damien Luxe [Heels on Wheels Roadshow].

Hot Pink Mass: Cabaret & Community Art event Femmes Fight Back
Sunday July 8, 7-10pm
Doors 6:30p, Show @ 7.30 sharp
$2-8 sliding scale
Gathering local performers and community members together, we’ll do “church” in a truly empowering and resilient way. Combining elements of Protestant, Catholic, Islamic, Judaic and Magical traditions, the Mass uses an invented femme diety named Trisha, and a “revivalist” aesthetic to ask the questions: what do we deserve and how can we effect change?
Join NYC artist Damien Luxe for this one-evening event, as she leads us into temptation by showcasing fabulous local performing artists — and then bring us into the light with a community, participatory art installation Femmes Fight Back.
About the presenters.
Jenna Peters-Golden is an organizer, trainer, anti-Zionist Jewish rabble-rouser and artist with an inexhaustive amount of energy for exploring, taking things apart, and putting them back together. She’s co-organized the Allied Media Conference, Action Camp, and the US Social Forum; and has presented workshops from Seattle to Atlanta. She works with Philly Stands Up! and as a core trainer with AORTA:
Damien Luxe is a writer, organizer, and performance artist whose work focuses  on resistance, representation, science and spirit. Her recent pieces include Femmes Fight Back, the Hot Pink Mass, and Exorcize. She is the co-producer of the annual Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow, a queer and working-class-led feminine-spectrum performance art tour. She’s produced three CDs, and her videos have shown internationally. She also serves as on organizer for the Femme Conference, and is a graduate student at the CUNY Graduate Center.

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