Hadassah Damien

Hadassah Damien is a technologist. What does that mean?

A technologist analyzes information and communication technologies (ICT) and comes out of the other side with a plan or a product. For me, I:

– design services and data displays to be efficient and inclusive.

– architect data schemas and open-source software tools for transparent reuse.

– build digital catalogs and archives for cultural creators.

– develop interfaces, software, and workflows that are accessibly optimized for humans.

– support secure systems and autonomous use of the internet.


I am currently working with the Participatory Budgeting Project as the Director of Data and Technology. I believe in both formal and self-directed education, so after receiving a Masters Degree and Certificate in Interactive Technology and Pedagogy from the wonderful CUNY Graduate Center (2011-2013), I spent a year as the Resident Scholar at the Interference Archive. I believe that defined horizontal structures work incredibly well, and was worker-owner at Openflows Community Technology Coop (2013-2016); recently became a Certified Scrum Master and train formally and informally to level up my people management and facilitation skills.

As a community organizer who also implements technology to help activists succeed, and a multimedia artist who also builds digital archives, my work intersects functionality with agility, practicality, and the democratic politics of open-source cultures. I have collaborated on digital collection sites for John Jay library, The Interference Archive, and more.  holds an MA in American Studies,  from the CUNY Graduate Center.

HDamien_MG_8629I’m curious and adventerous in life and design.

In 1987 my grandmother taught me how to sew, and my mother taught me patternmaking, fabrics & crafts; I went on to costume design school and professional production in new and vintage fabrics as well as leather.

In 1994 I began working in print by making zines and went on to edit a university newspaper and Art Direct a magazine along with making posters and flyers for events, book interiors, press kits, CD covers…

In 2000 I began staging photo shoots and digitally editing the images for creative collages; now I’ve styled product and portrait shoots for fine art, editorial print, and web uses.

In 2004 I formed a performance troupe and we realised that the a web presence was the best way to promote ourselves, so I taught myself HTML to make our site; now I’ve built or maintained over a dozen beautiful sites.

In 2005 I decided to begin recording audio, and in 2008 video – and now I teach a DIY audio course and have had my short videos play all over the US, Canada and the EU.

I’m passionate about supporting social justice, free speech, individuals’ self- representations, and the hard work put in by small business owners and working artists to realize their dreams.

My education has been broad, both formal and self-driven, and is lifelong. I care about the work I do and the projects I take on, because they must reflect my vision of a DIY/C [that last “c” is for collectively!] world.


I’ve spent many years building the back end of websites; creating content and visual design for web and print; and consulting on digital strategy and marketing. For you, who may need creative or production assistance:

Cross-genre creative production is my specialty because it is close to the fabric of my life, and I’m thrilled to work with others to share my skills. I offer communication design in web, print, styling and multimedia platforms. I’m pleased to offer special rates to working artists and female or minority-owned small businesses – please contact me for specifics.

Welcome to my blog and portfolio, I look forward to hearing from you if there’s a project you have in mind or a tool or other technologist you think I should know about.

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