Femme 2012: in Baltimore and Everywhere on the Web

I’m busting with pride because, for the last year, I’ve been volunteering co-leading the Media team of this weekend’s Femme Conference.

Between starting work on this conference and now, I started graduate school and went to two Allied Media Conferences, and it’s just really clear to me how incredibly important media –  accessible, horizontal, participatory media — is to social justice projects. So I’ve wanted and worked hard to create systems and to implement new technologies that will do just that.

Is it thus with great pride and excitement I share that the Femme Conference is for the first time going to feature livestreaming of some of the events!

For the 400 registrants and local Baltimore folks, we know that attending the conference and performance events will be transformative and special! For those unable to make the conference, for the first time the Femme Collective is offering selected daytime events for free online via live streaming, to support of all our communities. Check out the empowering work here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/femmecollectivemedia or directly on http://www.femme2012.com/home.

Included in the livestream are this year’s keynote speakers: Pratibha Parmar [Saturday 8/17 at 1pm EST], an award-winning writer, producer, and film director, and Nomy Lamm [Friday 8/17 at 1pm EST], a writer, musician, and performance artist from San Francisco.

Bryn Kelly [Sunday 8/19 10:30AM EST], co-founder of Theater Trangression and co-creatrix of The Fully Functional Cabaret is a featured speaker, and featured performers Geppetta, a Philadelphia based multimedia fabulist and puppet artist, and performer and Jessica Blinkhorn [Sunday 8/19 1pm EST] complete the livestreamed programming.

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