Link Roundup #2: 18th-C. crusty punks, SiSU, web tools for teaching, femme boys

1. Historical perversity, Arthur Mervynn [1799]. A young country boy who makes his way to the Big City  of Philadelphia in 1793 only to have terrible luck, then good luck as a friendly [?] man invites him to share his bed, then back luck again as people die and he destroys money by accident, then good luck etc. If you want characters and a theme for a few scenes, here you go.

2. SISU: Who wants a new markup language — HTML and XML too cluttered or close to proprietary systems? SISU, Structured information, Serialized Units,  <>   or   <>  is “software for electronic texts, document collections, books, digital libraries, and search, with “atomic search” and text positioning system (shared text citation numbering: “ocn“) outputs include: plaintext, html, XHTML, XML, ODF (OpenDocument), EPUB, LaTeX, PDF, SQL (PostgreSQL and SQLite).” All the big names in net freedom have text-based publications shared this way, including Cory Doctorow [Little Brother and others], Yochai Benkler [Wealth of Networks], Lawrence Lessig [Free Culture] and more.

3. Extreme Web Application Resources: My colleagues at CUNY’s Graduate Center have collected this page of super-useful links to many, many resources and online applications that relate to pedagogical practice and praxis. In non-academic language, that means web-based tools you can use to get ideas across!

4. NEWS FLASH: Femmes are all genders of people. Fey femmes, fag femmes, boy femmes, GNC femmes, flippin all over the place femmes, as well as lady femmes, feminine femmes, woman-ided femmes, … This post is a great description of how coming out as femme was for Jonah M. Lefholtz, a transman femme. <3

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