Free Software Links & Occupying the Internet

I have so much to say about Free Software [like what is the “free as in speech not free as in beer” Free Software Movement, how is it like Open Source and not], but for the moment here are links to programs that were taught in a workshop I attended recently. I put a ** next to ones I know already:

Blender – 3D arts, animation, modelling. create films, animations, movies
GIMP** – hi-res, high-end graphics application package. print photo editing [ – extensions and plugins]
Scribus – desktop publishing, professional page layout
[for linux] video editing
Shotwell [linux-only] photo manager/publisher
Latek – academic publications, set up templates
Inkscape — vector-based image development [aka FLS Illustrator]
** – audio editing. one of the best!!
— server-based, more user-friendly and more shareable
WordPress** – self-server or web-server-based
Bluefish — HTML editing
Jack Pulse — real-time audio, multiple devices

And here is one example from the Occupy the Internet .gif blast from Nov 1st. And we’re looking at these folks, where you can get the .gif <embed> code if you like…

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