Google games: beemp3 makes my songs into… ringtones?

woohoo narcissism!

ONE So every once in a while I’ll google my name[s] to see what comes up. And this time around I learned that you can get two songs from Ice 9 and two tracks from Exquisite Witness on the illustriously sketchy This is surely payment for all the [legal, ahem] files I have gotten from that site…

TWO My friend plays a game whereupon you try to google a phrase that gets as few hits as possible, while still getting some kind of hits. I once got only two hits by combining “troubadour” with something I now can’t remember.**

Where people have looked at one of my websites from this week

THREE Lastly – are *you* tracking the stats* on your websites? You can use Google Analytics or Stat Counter or look up your stats via your server, but whatever you do, don’t deny yourself the pleasure of checking it every once in awhile to see where in the world people are checking *you* out from!

*”stats” are the statistics about/information on visitors to your website/blog. You just sign up for an account at one of the services I list above, enter your website domain name, and the service provides code you must copy and paste into your webpage’s HTML. Using that code the service can see when, where, using what keywords or referring sites and for how long visitors come to your site from! Narcisstically good and also useful if you want to see where you might want to advertise, or if your efforts to reach out into the world are working…

** Ed. 2013 — it was “sterling.”

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