A data stewardship approach to security audits

While the concept of a security “audit” can turn off some folks, I like to bring in data stewardship as a care practice to ground us in why digital security matters — and how audits can become a normal and non-creepy part of your technology practices.

Data stewardship is a caring approach to data security.

In my work with NYC Safer Communities, a digital security trainer cohort working with organizations who support immigrants, there are many challenges our participants face. One will be familiar to anyone in a nonprofit or social justice organization – or heck to anyone with a job – and that is having enough time.

In the training I share below, learn about the idea of a mini-audit: how to do it collaboratively and integrate education and solutions.

The Mini-Audit practice:

  • Identify a team, digital asset or platform, or work area to mini-audit based on your risk assessment
  • Collaborate to identify issues, grounded in your values and with lots of respect for the practices of your team
  • Collaborate on remediation, which may include technical support and policy work, education, and practice.

Download a PDF that outlines what to look for and how to approach doing a mini audit here: Workshop Jan 2018_ Data Stewardship _ Data Security Audit


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