Web UX, Site Architecture, Data Migration, Logo Development: Openflows.com

In 2015 I undertook to re-design and re-architect the Openflows Community Technology Coop website, since we’d been so busy since 2008 we hadn’t had a chance to touch our old Drupal 6 site, and as the drupal community knew, Drupal 6 was about to cease having security updates supported.Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 2.49.05 PM

Specs: WordPress + ParallaxOne theme on a Linux server
Project Scope: 3-month development, UX analysis, content writing and design review process.

It was also a great opportunity to highlight the many incredible clients we’d worked with in recent years, and to ensure our site was easy to navigate and mobile-optimized. Additionally, I’d developed a logo for Openflows and wanted the site to showcase it.