Sites for Community Organizations

I’ve made full sites for several community organizations*, working with them to determine the important content, message, and look of their site — and to ensure that they can use it after I’ve moved on to the next project.

2012 Femme Conference, WordPress + Buddypress, 2012

[image forthcoming]

Idyll Dandy Acres, HTML/CSS, 2011

Femme Family, WordPress, 2009-2010

Philly Stands Up, HTML, 2010

Hart Collective, 2009-2011

St. Luke’s School Christmas Fair,sls_screenshot 2009

*  Some of these organizations are no longer using these sites or working together, and having a record of digital-born communications is something I suggest that activists, organizers, and others interested in the history/herstory/queerstory of movements think about. That’s all!

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