Webmaster: building on others work

Many organizations have a website and either seek someone to maintain and improve what they have or --oops!!-- just need occasional help updating it. In order, pictured below are projects I've stepped in to update, maintain and improve, rather than design and build: Center for Collaborative Communication, HTML/CSS site, 2011-2012…

Center for Collaborative Communication, Print & Communications (2011-2013)

As the Communications Director for the Center for Collaborative Communication from 2011-2013, I had the opportunity to create tri-fold brochures, sell sheets (CCC_IntroPacket_Jun12-v1), postcards (CCC_Postcard_Front-bleed), posters (CCC_NextNVCSteps) and web-ready promotional graphics. Poster, 8.5 x 11: Sell sheet cover: Sell sheet interior: Postcard front: