UX, CRM & Database Imports and Integration, Webform & Payment, Communications: UDC

In 2014 and again in 2016 as part of Openflows I worked with the UDC to create a WordPress + CiviCRM solution to managing their membership, conference registration, and communications: http://www.democraticcommunications.org/ They required a business needs analysis, a SWOT analysis, a full software and communications analysis and technology development. 

So You Want to Make A Digital Archive? Three Strategy Questions

Managing physical and digital files, metadata-gathering, and enabling complex internal or public searches of cultural production, ephemera, archives and/or born-digital assets are issues faced by many organizations: large, small, funded, volunteer... At Openflows, I build digital catalogs and archives regularly and want to share some of those specific strategies we use…

Glitter & Grit, Book (2015)

Glitter and Grit is a 352-page anthology with 144 images, 12 pages of magazine-style spread, and design elements created in InDesign, using master page templates, paragraph and character styles. It was printed in Portland, OR and published by Publication Studio in 2015. (It also was nominated for a Lambda Literary…
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