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So You Want to Make A Digital Archive...

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Managing physical and digital files, metadata-gathering, and enabling complex internal or public searches of cultural production, ephemera, archives and/or born-digital assets are issues faced by many organizations: large, small, funded, volunteer… At Openflows, I build digital catalogs and archives regularly and want to share some of those specific strategies we use at the outset of a […]

Web architecture: workcollaboratively...

Web architecture:

Creating a blog/newsletter/events’ listing site for a consultant, Work Collaboratively. Platform: Tasks: information architecture, URL/DNS management, events listings, newsletter

Web Design:

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Created March – Oct 2015 for the artist/educator Heather Maria Acs. Platform: wordpress Tasks: information architecture, customizing

Digital Security Options for Punk Com...

Eggplant Fairie Players M for Moth

[from a mini-discussion 9/29/15 at QUILTBAG++, with much thanks to Roo Khan of Palante Tech for skills and recommendations] Recently I was presented with a technology problem: the downloads in a rural, well-traveled, punk/artist community space are threatening that spaces’ security to retaining internet access. Is a strongarm solution – hard limits to the www – […]

Femme Hacking

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Femme hacking, n.: to use tacit knowledge of deprivileged structures [femme science] to apply roundabout methodologies of tool-using [hacking] in order to achieve an outcome. Having emerged from academia, I’ve thought a lot about the ways in which knowledge is articulated, permissioned, and authenticated: e.g., one must clearly express a defensible statement; problematized as: how do you know […]

How-to: prepare to install software o...

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Server side software: it’s not just for hackers, folks! So many useful website platforms use software that runs on your server to do their work. So if you want to use these too, avoid frustration by making sure you’re prepared before you start. discount viagra pharmacy Say you want to install WordPress or Omeka […]

Liberation approaches to Technology: ...


The fantastic author, librarian and activist Melissa Morrone [@InfAgit] interviewed me to discuss technology, feminism, decentralized networks of power, and liberation-focused approaches to teaching. quality content Read the whole interview here: A few choice quotes: MM: can you talk more about that in your approach towards technology and intimidation? HD: This plays into both […]

Digital Archiving: How to Pick A Soft...

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I’ve been building and teaching others how to build digital collections and archives for about three years now. Seeing that I often field questions from folks, here’s a starting list for those interested in creating online archives or collections. PLANNING YOUR DIGITAL COLLECTION Ask yourself the following questions, as a way to information-gather what you’ll […]

Raised Fist Review: Punk Music


Who among us who #1 goes to see bands, and #2 has the physical ability, has never raised a fist at any show ever? Rock. The. Fuck. On. Right??!! These raised fists show up in punk flyers from the 90’s and GUESS WHAT: the 90’s are back, y’all. Positive Force | Positive Force was […]


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